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Quest Learn

Giving every child the opportunity

to learn through adventure

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I created Quest Learning with the aim of creating personalised schemes of work to help children of all abilities. This work has been specifically designed to be exciting. As a young teacher I create immersive lessons, where I teach the educational content through exciting and creative means. Within each lesson your child will ‘go on a quest’, this could mean developing phonetic skills, reading and writing a recipe for dragon soup, learning times tables from the fairies, or using comprehension skills to find clues for treasure.

I am a qualified teacher, so my curriculum is steeped in outstanding pedagogical understanding. I am also a qualified SENCo and am experienced in individualizing my teaching to meet each child’s specific needs.

Quest can take this further; I have experience working with children with moderate and high levels of needs and am an expert in the early identification of SEND. While I plan and deliver lessons that are both adventurous and developmentally appropriate for each individual child, I also monitor all children to identify any additional needs.

From my experience of SEND and of child assessment I am also able to provide support with assessment referrals to the local authority, advice on what support schools should be offering, and key activities that parents can undertake to support the child at home


Quest has three aims


Helping children to achieve accelerated progress in their core academic skills


Identifying and supporting children and their families with any SEND that they may be presenting


Focusing on programs that children enjoy, look forward to and remember



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