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Core Learning Tutoring

1 Hour

Core Learning Tutoring

At a zoom call or face to face family meeting with parents/carers we will discuss the child’s development, the priorities for the family and any concerns around Special Educational Needs. Tutoring sessions will take place in our learning space or in the family’s home. In those sessions we will deliver a personalised scheme of work which will target the priorities raised in the family meeting.

This could be preparing for an exam (11+, 7+ SATs) supporting with an area of learning a child is struggling with or helping to build strategies to support with a moderate learning need such as dyslexia.

1We will also carry out baseline assessments to identify additional needs. If additional needs are indicated we will then support the family with next steps: filling out all appropriate referral forms, providing information about what to expect from the local authority and the school, and advice on how to best support the child at home. We will support the family through the whole process of SEND assessments and in our sessions with the child adapt the teaching to best support their needs. We work closely with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, and ADHD specialists to adapt our teaching to best support a full range of additional needs.

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